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City of Chelsea, MA
Boston BRT

3 months

Flower Walk

Most public transit spaces are unchanging, sterile, overcrowded environments that are unenjoyable for commuters. Working with Ad Hoc Industries, we created Flower Walk to transform this environment by immersing commuters into a blend of nature and art with urban infrastructure. We were inspired by upholstery from local thrift stores and floral and fauna native to the northern United States when creating the Flower Walk pattern and color pallet. The floral pattern is featured upon the street through painted flowers that are up to 10 ft by 10 ft, an 80-foot-levelboarding platform, landscape design, and an ergonomic bench to enhance the urban experience at the Broadway and 3rd bus stop. Not only is this project creating a space for commuters to immerse themselves amongst flowers, but it also promotes environmental sustainably and faster, more accessible public transit.

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